Which will get you the best price? Online estate agents or traditional High Street estate agents?

New research carried out by www.TheAdvisory.co.uk appears to have answered this question at last. They say the key take away from their research is that the right high street estate agent can:

  • Increase viewing numbers by 48%
  • Increase offer numbers by 64%
  • Generate a more secure buyer (or buyer willing to pay a better price) 73% of the time.
  • Secure a 5% higher sale price (compared to using a Rightmove listing service).

Fairly impressive statistics and one I am sure not many online agents will be keen to share.  You can read their full report here https://www.theadvisory.co.uk/estate-agents/online-vs-high-street/

The summarise by saying the best online agents are in a lot of cases as good as an average high street agent, but the best high street estate agents provide the gold standard when it comes to achieving the highest ‘walkaway figure’ from your sale.  Having recently being awarded Gold Winner in Stourbridge by the British Property Awards and being voted among the top agents in the country by Best Estate Agent Guide we feel we can claim to be among the best high street agents and certainly when it comes to the prices we achieve for our clients we are very proud of our performance.  The current average in the UK is around 96% of original asking price, however our current average is a huge 6% higher at 102% of asking price.