It is important to know how to create perfect property presentation.  Not only will this help you maximise the sale price, it will also help you sell faster.

Tidying, cleaning and de-cluttering are all common sense and self explanatory (you can read some general tips here), although they are often overlooked by some vendors when they are marketing their homes.  Equally disregarded by many is unfinished DIY and essential repairs and maintenance.

The slightly less obvious but more beneficial choices, like decorating, landscaping or staging and dressing your home are in many cases not even considered as an option.  Many sellers want to minimise the cost of getting their property to market.  Although this is to a certain extent understandable a smarter strategy is to consider what changes and improvements will give you the best return on your investment.  Just think for a second about a property, perhaps its been rented out or owned by an elderly relative.  Its a little unloved, a little rough around the edges. Lets say it needs; a new bathroom; some new carpets and a freshen up of the decorating throughout. This would probably cost around £10,000.  But on an average property in the Stourbridge, Halesowen and Dudley area these sort of improvements are likely to improve the re-sale value by around £20,000 and in some cases even more.  I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t say doubling your money wasn’t a good investment. Factor in to this the time it takes to sell.  Currently a well maintained and improved property is likely to sell within days or weeks.  Whereas one needing some tender loving care may take a month or two.

Sometimes the need for redecoration isn’t as obvious and all the property needs is to be dressed for photos and presented to the very best it can be.  Think for a second, if you were going to visit a professional photographer for a lovely set of portraits of you and the family.  Would you wear the same clothes as you wear in normal day to day life? I suspect not, I know I wouldn’t. I would go out and buy us all a new outfit.  I’d even go and get my hair cut.  I guarantee my wife would make sure her make-up was all done freshly. The kids would all have their hair brushed.  Why would we do this? It’s obvious isn’t it? It’s because we would want to look our best.  Well, it is just the same for your home.  You want it to look its best for its photos.  You should get it a new outfit, get it’s hair cut and do it’s make-up!

Obviously I am not suggesting you throw out all your furniture and replace it with brand new stuff.  There are things you can do that wont cost a fortune.  They will however significantly improve the look of your home.  Guaranteeing you some fantastic results when marketing your home for sale.

What I would recommend is working with a professional home stager or interior designer. They can give you some hints and tips on how to present your home.  What to dress it with and how to make it look absolutely fabulous.  They are often able to lend you some accessories, or will provide you with an affordable shopping list.  Then they will help you place them in the perfect way to present your property at its best.  There are also companies that you can hire furniture from.  Although the investment will be higher if you don’t already have the furniture to dress your property then the investment is sure to pay dividends.

You see when people are searching for property these days it is often not given much time.  Rather it is a quick swipe through rightmove listings on a smartphone or tablet, glancing at photos and floorplans.  If your photos don’t stand out, neither will your property.  However, if you have invested some time and money into the presentation of your home then you will have given the photographer something extra to work with.  This will mean that as well as the typical property marketing photos, showing the size and space of your property, they will be able to create some beautiful lifestyle images.  These beautiful images will make your property stand out and will help to attract the attention of potential buyers as they whizz through the property listings.

You can take this a step further.  By working closely with your estate agent and the property staging expert.  They will be able to help you to make sure that you not only improve your photographs but you can make them really connect with your market audience.

If you stop and think about who your buyer is, you’ll realise it isn’s someone like you.  It might be someone like who you were five or six years ago when you bought your home.  But their requirements and more importantly their tastes and styles are going to be different to yours.  So although nice photos will of course look nice, will they really grab your buyer and make them fall in love with your home?

Keep this in mind when working to dress your home.  Try to make it fit your buyers.  If you are dressing a modern luxury apartment you might need to tap into some different emotions than if you were selling a bungalow.  By creating images that really connect with your buyer and that show the potential for your home to give them the lifestyle they are dreaming of, you will not only attract their attention when they are browsing the portals but they will fall in love with your home.  When they fall in love with your home you will guarantee that you will achieve the very best price possible and this can often be a difference of tens of thousands of pounds.

If you would like to discuss how to perfect  property presentation then contact our office to arrange a complimentary consultation.