Estate Agents commit huge amounts of time and expenditure towards marketing their properties to prospective purchasers. Yet the ultimate result of all those website-portal listings and newspaper/magazine advertisements, emails and phone-calls can only be…viewings. Therefore in the majority of cases we believe we are best place to carry out the viewing for you, which is why with our standard package accompanied viewings are included and they are even available as an option with our low cost online offering.
If you prefer to do your own viewings then we will discuss with you the best times of the day and week to show your property.  We will then do our best to steer appointments around these times. Many considerations need to be made, including your normal weekly patterns, parking availability and traffic levels, children and pets, light levels and garden aspects.
Whether you or someone from The Property Shop are showing buyers around it is important to consider the route. There will be a ‘best route’ to help create the perfect viewing. Once we have worked it out you should always try to stick to it. This will give us the opportunity to save the best features of your property until last. This helps to give a favourable lasting impression, and allows others the chance to give viewers the space they need to take in your property. For this guided tour, it should have been established what needs to be pointed out, and what doesn’t.
During their first viewing most people will be worried about the little details.  Listing the number of electric sockets in each room or pointing gout every TV connection might just confuse some buyers. They need to be allowed space to soak up the feeling your home gives them.  The time for detail is the second viewing.
Space and time should then be provided for your viewer to look again at their own leisure.  You should never feel the need to leave yourself or your property unprotected though. We will never leave a buyer totally unaccompanied in an occupied home.  We will however always try to give a buyer some privacy. This allows them space needed to share the experience and discuss their feelings. Don’t loiter continually around the corner but if possible remain within earshot.
Finally, try to say your farewells in your area or room that has most impact. Often the kitchen is an important room and is therefore often a good choice. Ask only once if they have any questions and answer these truthfully and don’t be tempted to “oversell” the property; it will have spoken for itself and you don’t want to sour that favourable last impression with an awkward moment.
A planned and prepared viewing will provide the least disruption to you. But not only that it will also massively enhance the impact your property has on your prospective purchaser.
If you are thinking of selling or struggling to sell with another agent then why not book a free consultation.  We will visit your home and discuss our bespoke marketing packages with you.  This service is free of charge and without obligation, you can read more about what to expect on your valuation here. Or if you are confused as to whether you should find your next home before you start marketing your current home, then this article is a must read