As I have said previously all agents are different, well so are their valuations. In fact the name of the appointment varies from agent to agent. I try not to get too hung up on the name, ultimately our appointment is an opportunity for me to offer some advice and discuss potential value and sensible marketing strategies and asking prices

Most people already have a great idea of what they want before I even get to the appointment; however it is nice to be re-assured by a professional that your opinion is accurate and achievable. During our meeting I will discuss with you the reason you are moving, by discovering your motivation for moving I can ensure I accurately tailor my advice, the strategy I think we should employ and the best asking price to use. Although we utilise many of the same marketing techniques for all our properties our service truly is as unique as your home.

This is also a great opportunity to ask questions, we would always suggest thinking about what you want from your agent before the meeting and without prompting them, see if they tick all of your boxes – if they do, then you know you’ve got the right agent for you!